LASD Inmate Search

LASD Inmate SearchIn case someone you know has been incarcerated in Los Angeles, you may want to conduct a search for them. This is true especially if you don’t know which exact jail or prison they have been incarcerated in.

In certain scenarios, you may suspect that someone has been jailed in LA, but not know for sure. In such a case, you may want to ascertain whether the person has been jailed, and (if so) where they are being held. In search scenarios, you need to conduct an inmate search.

The good news is that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) has made it incredibly easy to search for inmates within LA’s jails and prisons. This is because the LASD has an Inmate Information Center (IIC) which is easily accessible online.

Therefore, you can easily conduct an LASD inmate search can by simply visiting the Inmate Information Center. The IIC has an online database in which an inmate’s information is added within 3 hours of their being booked.

You can conduct an online LASD inmate using the IIC by following the five simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Visit the LASD Inmate Information Center

The first step is to visit the LASD IIC’s online portal. You can find the online portal on the following webpage,

Step 2: Enter the Inmate’s Details

The IIC offers a simple search using four inmate details. These are first name, middle name, last name and date of birth. Of these, only two details are mandatory (i.e. first name and last name).

The IIC online portal has text-boxes for entering all the inmate details. Therefore, to conduct an inmate search, simply type in the inmate’s details and click the button labeled “Search”.

You will be taken to a page which requires a captcha verification.

Step 3: Type in Captcha Verification

Before accessing search results on the IIC, you need to pass a captcha verification test. This is aimed at preventing bots from submitting searches.

Therefore, upon clicking “Search”, you will be taken to page with a captcha. This will basically include an image with some letters (or numbers), and a text box in which to type them.

So, simply read the text which is provided in the captcha image, and type it in the text box. To avoid inconveniences, crosscheck to ensure that you have copied the correct text. Once you are convinced, click the button labelled “Submit”.

If the captcha entry is correct, you will be navigated to the results page.

Step 4: View The Results

An inmate search using the IIC typically returns two types of results: a positive record or negative record. In case there is no record of the inmate, you will see the following statement on the results page:

“No records match your search criteria.

Please go back to the previous screen and try again.”

In case there is an inmate record, you will receive a summary of the inmate information. The summary is in tabular format. It includes the following details: Booking Number, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Sex, Race, Date of Birth and Age.

The entry under “Booking Number” has a link. To find out more information about the inmate’s booking, click on it.

Step 5: Click “Booking Number” For More Information

The Booking Number is a unique identifier for every booking which is done under the LASD. Each time a person is booked, they are assigned a new booking number. As such, for inmates with multiple arrests, you can find multiple entries on the IIC Results Page, each with a different Booking Number.

The Booking Number is a 7-digit figure on the extreme left of the results page. To view the details of each booking, click on the number. You will be taken through another captcha verification (like in Step 3).

Upon passing the captcha verification, you will be taken to the IIC Inmate Details Page. This page includes all the details of the inmate as regards the specific booking. The information you will get on this page includes:

-Personal Details: This includes inmate names (i.e. first, middle and last names), date of birth, race, sex, height, weight, eyes and hair color.

-Arrest and Booking: This includes the date, time and location of the arrest, and booking. It also includes the description of the agency which carried out the arrest.

-Bail: This contains the details of any bail arrangements.

-Housing Location: This contains the details of the jail or prison where the inmate is being housed. Such details include the name and address of the prison, as well as the date in which they were incarcerated.

-Court: This contains the details of any scheduled court appearances. It includes the name and address of the court house, as well as the date and time of their court appearance.

-Release Date: This contains the date and time of their release date.

In a nutshell, that is how to conduct an LASD inmate search using the online Inmate Information Center. The best part about the IIC is that you can use it anonymously. Therefore, the next time you need to search for an inmate in Los Angeles, simply follow the five simple steps outlined above. In case you run into a hiccup, you can speak to an LASD IIC Operator on (213) 473-6080.